Infancy Exams

Infancy Exams at Kasson Eye Care

At Kasson Eye Care, we offer a range of comprehensive eye care services to support your health and vision needs in Kasson, MN. Our board-certified optometrist, Dr. Leska, offers diagnostic vision testing and correction to members of the whole family. One of the most important visits is an infancy exam.

Infancy Exams at Kasson Eye Care

Why Infancy Exams are Important 

Infancy exams are preventative care measures that are often overlooked. It's true that your pediatrician can check your infant's eyes and look for any possible issues, but that is not always enough. Here's why infancy exams with an optometrist are so important.

  • An infant's eye develops at a rapid pace immediately after birth, so it's important to detect and address any vision issue as early as possible.
  • Pediatric health and wellness exams do not screen for common vision problems or skills. 
  • An estimated 4 million children experience impaired vision at a young age. It's the most common undiagnosed problem in the US.
  • It's important to address the vision issue early on so that your child's visual development will not be affected as he or she grows.  

The goal of infancy exams is to assess and address any initial signs of vision issues. We can make the process quick and comfortable for your child. Our eye and vision tests can detect amblyopia, anisometropia, strabismus, anisocoria, and corneal opacities.

Your child is more than just a patient. He or she is part of our family. That's why infancy exams are so important to us. Your child’s vision and eye health is our top priority. 

Contact Dr. Leska Today to Find Out More About Infancy Exams 

When you come in for your appointment here at Kasson Eye Care in Kasson, MN, we'll ask you to fill out a medical and health questionnaire. Our optometry team will want to learn as much about your family history and health concerns you may have about your child, including his or her eyes and vision, before the appointment. We know that it can be difficult for infants to be calm during an assessment, particularly with machines being involved, so we take our time to make the experience as positive as possible. Our optometrist will discuss with you about your child’s treatment and care options if applicable. Contact our team today at 507-634-4445 to schedule an infancy exam appointment.


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