Child Eye Exams

Why Your Child Should Get an Eye Exam on a Regular Basis from Kasson Eye Care

At Kasson Eye Care, we take a great deal of pride in the wide variety of patients that we see. One of the most important services we provide is eye exams for children. Growing up, most children end up going to the medical doctor once per year. They also go to the dentist twice per year. Unfortunately, eye exams are often overlooked. This is a serious issue because it leaves many eye conditions undiagnosed. At Kasson Eye Care, we are here to make sure that every child in the Kasson, MN, area understands how important it is to see an eye doctor at least once per year.


Why Child Eye Exams Matter

Child eye exams are important for several reasons. First, they help children build good habits they can carry with them into adulthood. This will help children preserve their vision even into their later years. Eye exams are important because they afford eye doctors a chance to catch potential problems that might otherwise damage a child's vision. Remember that children aren't necessarily able to state if they are having a problem with their eyes. Finally, child eye exams are important for the overall development of the eyes of a child. Children grow quickly and their eyes develop with them. If something goes wrong with the development of a child's eyes, the consequences could impact that person's vision for life.

See an Optometrist from Kasson Eye Care Today

At Kasson Eye Care, we are honored to provide medical care to children. Dr. Leska is a fantastic, experienced eye doctor who has a great bedside manner. Anyone who is looking to learn more about Dr. Leska and the services we provide should be sure to call us at 507-634-4445 to make an appointment. We work hard to stay at the forefront of our field because we believe this allows us to provide to best possible care to patients in Kasson, MN.


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