Anti Blue Light Glasses

We live in a day and age where everyone is looking at their screens most of the day. That being said, the blue light that is emitted by your electronics may be doing more damage to your brain and to your eyes than you realize. It can slowly affect your eyes and protecting them from the blue light is a must. With the help of a great optometrist like Dr. Leska at Kasson Eye Care in Kasson, MN you can get a pair of anti blue light glasses that are cute, comfortable, and that protect your eyes above all else.


What Does Blue Light Do to Eyes?

Blue light is what is used in most technology in the screens to provide the picture and overall quality that we expect. Blue light is different than other light colors on the spectrum for a few different reasons, for starters, it penetrates the eye all the way to the retina. This means that the blue light can get all the way into the eye rather than stopping like other colors on the spectrum. Why is this a big deal? Since the blue light is able to penetrate the eye fully, it reaches the retina in the back of the eye and can damage it over time.

For those that work with computers or those that are on their phones a great deal, this prolonged exposure can be damaging and can lead to a bevy of issues. One common problem that people exposed to a great deal of blue light complain of is headaches, they may also have blurred vision, and they may have eyes that are just uncomfortable feeling. Blue light exposure over a long period of time, think years, can even cause macular degeneration that can lead to permanent blindness.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

There are some ways you can protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light and anti-blue light glasses help. These glasses help to filter out the blue light and make sure that it does not reach the retina at the back of the eyes. This is a great way to help protect your eyes that does not require much extra effort and that does not hurt at all.

You can get some great glasses that are going to be easy to wear, they are stylish, and they are also comfortable. This type of glasses is wonderful for those that want an easy and effective way to protect their eyes and make sure that they are not going to become damaged by the blue light. There is very little way to avoid blue light but using a pair of glasses that filters it certainly helps to protect the eyes.  


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